The life after the happy end

A few months ago I’ve seen the movie „Letters to Juliet“. It was an interesting and refreshing love-movie I kind of enjoyed watching. But shortly after the credits I asked to myself „So … that’s it? What about the time after the „happy end“? How are they manage to go through the following years? What about children, money problems, jobs and stuff like this?“ To be true, only a few movies are interested in this kind of things, not including movies which looking for such issues from the beginning. I for myself would love to see a movie which let the two lovebirds be together since the half of a movie – please don’t mistake this with the typical lovemovie phases. Perhaps one of the two persons leave the other or dies. It would be a very interesting movie to watch.

If you know some movies which are exactly like one I’m looking for, please don’t hesitate to write it down below in the comments. Thanks in advance!

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