My Favorite Twitch (& YouTube) Streamers

Over the last year I was heavenly interested in streaming games live to the whole wide internet. By doing so I used a now well known platform called Twitch. Twitch was in its beginning a streaming service exclusively tied to video games. But now it’s also possible for people to stream their hobbies like Real Life Poker Games or Music Streaming via Twitch – or at least the Company offers a more diverse program than just games. Thanks to Twitter I had the chance to meet so many nice people of which a lot also use Twitch as the platform of choice to stream their games. Therefore when I’m not streaming by myself I watch the streams of my friends and acquaintances. In the following part you’ll find my streamers of choice or the people I love to watch while they’re playing video games and interact with their audience. Please note that the following list is completely based on my opinion therefore maybe you might miss one or the other famous twitch personality.

  • MANVSGAME – First time I saw Mr. Love streaming a video game was at my time at Gameswelt. From one day to the other everybody in the office was fascinated by a American guy who tried to beat one of the most difficult video games of all time – I wanna be the boshy. Since then I’m a huge fan and still love to watch his streams from time to time. Highly recommended.
  • Kaffekind – Dan, the man. Nough‘ said!
  • Haschbeutel – The other DOOMGUY!
  • nerdshiit – Sam, the girl I owe a Benjamin Blümchen Torte
  • TiiaAurora – Because of her, I felt madly in love with the game ARK
  • gotchi3 – one of the best gaming journalists I’ve ever met, a truly good friend and a really good person!
  • razzortainment – Raz, the green mean killer machine! 😉
  • HerrJuhl – An old colleague and good friend who also gave me very first glimps of what it’s like to stream on a regularly basis. Cool dude!
  • AlmightyPhie – Sophia, Mistress of Fire, Ashen One and Master of Aryandel!
  • Yetivin – One of the best video makers of all time. Really!
  • Rainer Schauder – One of the best podcast mates you can dream of. And he’s a nice person too! (And he’s a YouTube-Streamer, bouhhh! :P)
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