That’s all folks – 2016

Being sick and laying in bed is a great opportunity to watch all the missed series or movies of the past year. But inatead of doing I decided to spend the time not watching stuff – well later on … – and writing instead about my year of 2016. But why, oh Florian, oh why in English? Well, because I can and it is one of my personal New Year’s resolution.

2016 was a bad year when it comes to world politics and deaths of famous people. We had/have the conflict in Syria. The fights with the Islamic State (IS). Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States of America. Over 50 percent of the British voters decided for the UK to leave the European Union –  #brexit. The refugee crisis in Europe and from my point of view especially in Germany. The rise of the new right party AfD in Germany. The attempted coup d’etat in Turkey & Erdogan’s kind of terror regime.

Yes indeed, 2016 was really a very, very strange year. But that’s all stuff you all already know about because of the current situation when it comes to media coverage. Everything terrible was milked for all it was worth and beyond. A recent example was the attack/incident in Berlin. A person used a Truck to hurt and kill people who were attending a Christmas market. While most of the newspapers reached out to the people to be prudent and calm, a (in)famous gossip magazine had the word ‚Angst‘ (fear) in a big black and white on its front page. I could go on and on and on but I guess you get the picture.

Talking about the year of 2016 means that I have to spend some words about my personal life too. Overall I can say it was very interesting year. I decided to move to Berlin on the 26th of December 2015. Therefore and if you check the calendar I’m almost exactly one year a citizen of Germany’s capital. I really took me almost a year to say that Berlin is a great city. Not as good as Munich but still a great city, haha. I had a few jobs, worked as a PR guy, in Social Media and for a gaming project. It was all great, I had the chance of meeting so many new people or people I’ve known for a long, long time but never faced in person. I had the chance to reconnect with friends who lived in Munich as well and got the time to persuade some private projects.

For example the TCG YouTube channel with my namesake Florian, some videos for my own YT-channel or getting more invested in streaming games via Twitch. 2016 was also a very special year for me when it comes to Podcasts. Over a year ago my pal Olaf decided to create a new Wrestling website. Relatively quickly it became very clear that he wanted to go in a different direction than writing. And so the Headlock – Pro Wrestling Podcast was created. I’m to this day part of the team tand every time when it comes to wrestling, watching the PPVs or talking to David, Kai and the others of the podcast crew, I got a little smile on my face – thanks Olaf! But I also want to say thanks to Fabian whom I created the Lootopic – Podcast with. When It comes to video game culture there is no other person better to talk with. He may be a controversial figure but to me, he is a good friend. The last Podcast project I wanna talk about is Watchalot. This podcast was created by two of the sweetest persons I know, even if they’re from the ‚Schwabenländle‘ and me. Therefore I want to say thanks to Pia and Tibor for having me and let me talk to them from my „wunderschönen Seite“.

And before I end this recap I want to say thank you. Just thanks. I know I’m sometimes not easy to handle or very talkative, but I guess at the end I’m a nice guy … with a green screen. Therefore thanks to you, my friends, comrades, acquaintances and kolleagues. 

See you on the other side! 



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