What’s up with those fighting games?

One of my oldest memories, when it comes to video games, is a moment, where me and one of my best friends are sitting in the office of his fathers working place. But instead of doing a lonely desk job, his father was and still is a quit magnificent barber. In this position he shaved a lot of different persons heads and beards. Regardless the age, he had customers with no end and he knows that. And to keep the children of the customers occupied, he used a small little corner in the barbershop as a playground for kids, which had a small and old cathode ray tube with a Super Nintendo connected to it.

For me it was like a dream comes true: waiting for getting your hair cut wasn’t bad after all. Even if my hair didn’t need a cut, me and my friend spent hours and hours sitting in an uncomfortable way in that small corner, playing the shit out of the SNES. One of the games we’ve played was Street Fighter II Turbo something something. For me it was the first contact with a so called Beat’em-up game. Even if we didn’t know at that time, what we should do to perform battle defining combos, we loved to throw Hadoukens at each others faces. Sometimes one of us was able to perform a Shoryuken, which was commented with a astonished „Ahhhh! Did you see that!“ or „Damn, this is great! Let me try. What did you do?“.

Even now, after all theses years, I’m still addicted to this kind of games. Last year I met some people at my working place, which are in the same way crazy about these games like me. Especially when it comes to Street Fighter IV. Sometimes after we’ve finished our work, we met in the big playing room of our company and spent hours to fight against with each other. But this time and instead of just smashing the buttons on the gamepad, we used tactics and strategies we’ve seen performing by world class player on the EVO or on some Twitch-streams.

I am absolutely not a pro in this genre, but the feeling you get, when you manage to do a combo after hours and hours of training, is just awesome. Of course, for lot of people this kind „playing“ might be no fun, but for me and my friends it is. And we still beat the shit out of each other.

Having a Xbox One gives me the opportunity to play one of the „next-gen“-Beat’em-ups, which is Killer Instinct, the remake of the game which was originally released on the Super Nintendo back in the 90s. This game builds on using lot of different attack combinations and how to breaking or stop and counter them. I wouldn’t say it’s harder to get into its mechanics like it is in Street Fighter IV. It’s just different to learn, because and believe it or not, every Fighting-Game is one of it’s kind … even if the most of them feel strangely familiar.

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